• 1275cc A+ Engine and Gearbox

  • Lightened Flywheel and Backplate with race clutch (orange spring)

  • Belt Drive Cam Sprocket

  • Steel Center Main Strap

  • Keith Calver 284 camshaft CST3013 with lightweight Followers

  • Engine stabilizer bars

  • 4.1:1 Diff

  • Front mounted Radiator with electric fan

  • Gas Flowed Head with oversize inlet and exhaust valves with phosphor bronze guides

  • 1.5 steel welded rockers

  • 2 x HIF44 SU carbs with custom 100mm alloy inlet trumpets

  • Maniflow inlet manifold

  • Maniflow LCB exhaust manifold

  • Electronic ignition with lightened distributor drive shaft.

  • Facet electric fuel pump

  • 1 gallon Alloy fuel tank

  • Custom aluminum dashboard

  • Richey Aluminum Seat and cover

  • 4 point harness

  • Full roll cage

  • Rear CoilOver shock absorbers

  • Lightened rear subframe

  • Extensively lightened body with arcylic side windows

  • Front Disc Brakes

  • Minilite alloy wheels with Yokahama A048 tyres on the front (1 race meeting use only) and Pirelli Cinturato tyres on the rear.

  • Battery mounted in the passenger compartment with master switch.

  • Rev Counter with shift light

  • Oil Pressure – Water Temperature – Oil Temperature gauges.

  • Fibreglass boot and bonnet

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Front View Top View Side View Mini & Trailer
Mini & Trailer Mini & Trailer Engine Bay Twin SUs
Electric Fan Centre Main Strap Cam Follower Padded Roll Cage

Videos on YouTube

Drivers Eye View Video
Sub 15 sec Run at Santa Pod
Sub 16 sec Run at Avon Park
Sub 15 sec Run at Santa Pod
First Race meeting 2007 3rd place